How to Build Your Own Listening Post:

  1. Listen. Spread out in the community, go to events, visit libraries, sit at barbershops, walk through neighborhoods, and see what kinds of conversations are going on.
  2. Collect data. Collect datafrom community members on their information sharing habits.
  3. Identify/Establish Listening Posts. Pick some data driven listening post locations and information outreach methods.
  4. Topics/Questions. Make a list of topics that are important to the community, develop engaging community outreach questions around them.
  5. Engage. Pick a topic you want to create a conversation around, and distribute some questions via your listening posts. Make sure you share these questions in both offline and online locations.
  6. Share outcome. Create a two-way conversation, collect peoples thoughts and responses and then share them online, offline, through the radio, etc.
  7. Evaluate/Innovate. Take stock of what worked and what didn’t, and try some new approaches. Fail forward!

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Make a Survey



Part of New Orleans where you stay:

  1. List what you think are the 3 main topics or issues that most impact your community.
  2. Where do you and your family go for news about your community? List all the different ways.
  3. If I want to reach you with important news, what's the BEST way to reach you?
  4. What devices do you have in your home to get and share information? List them all.

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